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Why, How and What

A few years I listened to Tedtalk where the speaker- Simon Sinek elaborates on what sets great companies like Apple apart from others in a highly competitive market. And he breaks it down to the concept of three concentric circles- Why, How and What. This is a concept which is applicable across all industries ( startups to MNCs), functions and individuals.

Why: What is your higher cause or purpose?

How: What skills, credentials and mastery do you or the company need to attain the Why?

What: The end goal or product you achieve.

( Below picture from seer interactive)

The traditional approach which most companies take is to complete answering the What and then focus on the How and Why. But great companies start with the Why question and then answer the How and then What. And this applies to startups too. Many a time, entrepreneurs facing constrained time or resources do not ask the Why question and instead jump to How and then What. This ultimately leads to wasted resources because the What which is developed does not have a correlation to the Why.

True mastery of this concept takes years of practice but will have a profound impact on a company or individuals success in the long run.


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